Drug Tests

It’s not advisable to use products that are advertised as being a remedy for passing a drug test. None of these products actually carry that guarantee and they’re often quite expensive. In reality, you’re just paying extra for things you could find cheaper in other places (although some of them do come with at home drug tests so you can find out where you stand before you take the actual test.) Most of what you find in these are forms of the same diuretics we mentioned earlier, and you can order at home drug testing kits for quite a bit less money. Again, if they contain some other substance meant to mask the drugs, there’s a good chance the lab has a way to pick up on it. Save yourself the cash and skip out on this option all together.

Loading up on over the counter drugs in an attempt to skew results is generally a terrible idea, and can make you very sick if you you have a bad reaction or if it interacts with anything else present in your system. You should never take more than the recommended dose of any medication without professional medical advice. Check out this monkey whizz review online from one of our best competitors. This will clear many things up in the future before you buy something that doesn’t work.

Now lets change gears, as above are some of the best ways in which I have personally read and research that can help in aiding you to pass a drug test, but I still believe the best way is to avoid the said drug you are using. I understand that some people get the surprised test or are only told a short amount of time beforehand these are for those people. But now id like to focus on some common methods or substance that many believe help to pass a drug test when honestly it is not true. So once again I will give you what I know to the best of my ability of what just won’t work or maybe even work against you in trying to pass a drug test.

Which Remedy’s do not work? let’s start with taking niacin. There is no scientific evidence that niacin helps you beat a urine or blood test. Additionally, high doses of niacin can result in itchy skin reactions, and if you overdo it just like with any supplement, you can possibly damage your liver. From indirect experience, when I was in high school, I had a friend, who had been caught at school with marijuana. The school decided to give him a drug on a Monday. He had all weekend not to smoke, but he chose not to. So the night before he took a very large amount of niacin and became very itchy turned red. Overall it was a bad experience and didn’t work. Luckily he did not kick out of school as he was an honor student.

Adding substances such as ammonia or bleach to your urine is also not known to work in almost all cases. These chemicals are acids and bases, so they’ll change your urine’s pH level, but aren’t definitively known to eliminate drug metabolites. This is why we want to find out where to buy synthetic urine for a drug test you may be taking. Then there is the fact the person giving you the test will be able to see that you have tampered with the test, whether its color or smell or just the overall look of your urine.

I hope this is something I should not have to say, but I’m going to anyway, please don’t drink bleach, it is extremely bad to ingest and can possibly kill you, no one should pass a drug test through death. Please be wise with your decisions, even if you’re trying to get away with something.

I have seen many things as remedies all over the internet, and honestly, it is very incompetent to even think for a minute this would work. Yes, it can produce a false negative sometimes, but these were only for certain THC compounds, and overall is ineffective. There is a lot of science to this particular one that honestly I do not understand but know visine does not work in passing a drug test. At most, it will give you a false negative which most labs can detect, and they will call it a positive or make you take it again.

There is a herb by the name of goldenseal, in which I have read a lot of short blogs and such claiming that this a fair way of passing a drug test. After some further research on this matter, it seems to be untrue. This herb remedy seems to come from a pharmacist John Uri Lloyd novel, which calmed to flush out poisons. This is Completely untrue and was used in the creation of fiction, so please do your research and see what works best for you.

Along the same lines as the niacin mentioned about, there is pectin, which is a naturally-occurring chemical found in a lot of plants and then more so often found in your peanut butter and jelly sandwich known as jam. You will need a coupon for test negative. The theory is that this chemical coats the inside of your stomach, therefore not allowing certain toxins or chemicals not to pass, therefore preventing these not to pass through the bladder. from several sources this is scientifically not proven, so please do not waste your time.

Salt, Apparently there is a small mass of people that think that adding salt to your urine will help you pass your drug test. Well, this is just completely untrue my friends and here is the way. Salt will have no effect on the levels of toxin or drug metabolites in your urine. This method also has very obvious defects, such as the fact that, if it is not dissolved it will sink to the bottom of your sample, where it’s easily observed. Use common sense and don’t blow your chances by sprinkling salt in your sample. This advice is the same for all the above here.

This is the most common ways that are noneffective that I have seen all over the place. So please once again please use wise judgment in how you plan to pass your test. Do as I have and please just do your research. Use this article along with the 100 more that are on the internet. Passing a drug test is only hard if you let it be.

Now I would like to talk about the law for a little bit and how knowing the laws in your area can help you when applying for jobs, believe it or not in the work field you do have some protection when it comes to drug test and I will do my best to explain how and where to look.