According to studies, over 85% of women worldwide would prefer a larger penis compared to a small or medium one. Deeper penetration, more intense orgasms, and greater sexual pleasure are all benefits of having a larger penis. There is a wide range of methods that individuals can use to enhance the growth of their penis and these include undergoing surgery or using supplements. Supplements such as pills are known to have side effects while others don’t work at all. The enhancement stretcher is also known as penis extender is a more natural method considered to be the safest of all.

The penis extender devices are very and secure to use which will help enlarge your penis, adjust curvatures and enhance your erectile capacity within a short period. They usually work with the help of the penile traction method that extends your penile tissue and stimulates the growth of new cells. Due to this process, your shaft undergoes lengthening and thickening. The following are some of the best male enhancement stretchers that you can use for positive results;

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The Quick Extender Pro is a top choice for most men around the globe due to the highly-rated solution it offers in terms of penis enlargement and correction of curvature. The product is manufactured from medical-grade synthetics that are 100% hypoallergenic and aluminum. It employs double strap support to position the device on your shaft. This extender comes while already assembled, therefore you only need to adjust its parts to fit the length and girth of your penis. After approximately 90 days of use, most individuals who have used this product have realized an increase in length ranging from between ¾ inches to 1½ inches.

This extender works by applying pressure on your shaft via the penis traction method. The continuous stretch it exerts on your shaft will bring about microscopic tears along the penis. Your body will react by healing the tears caused by forming new cells that fill the gaps and as a result, your penis’s total size is increased. These tears happen at a microscopic level which guarantees that the enlargement process causes no pain at all.

Continued use of the Quick Extender Pro for at least three months gives individuals a lot of benefits. For one, the length and girth of your penis will visibly increase while curved penises will be straightened. The product is known to guarantee the growth of your shaft for up to an inch per month. Additionally, an individual will find it easy to experience harder and fuller erections during sex. You must however note that each individual receives different results but positive changes are always guaranteed.

2. Phallosan Forte

The Phallosan Forte is a penis extender made by a German company that deals with top-notch penis enlargement devices. This particular product solely focuses on your comfort with an integrated comfort system and an excellent overall design. This product is a regular on the market for many years which has given the manufacturers a lot of time to improve and modify it to meet the demands of every customer. When wearing this penis extender, most individuals experience little to no discomfort provided the guidelines of use by the manufacturer are adhered to. The company manufacturing doesn’t use materials or chemicals such as latex that are known to cause allergic reactions. Additionally, there are no sharp edges on the device that can result in any scratch or discomfort around the sensitive parts of your body.

This penis extender comes with a lot of benefits and it has been used successfully in many clinics around Germany. It applies pressure equally on all the sides of your shaft which ensures that the final results are very balanced. Another benefit of this product is that it works perfectly well on all sizes of penises. When buying it, you are provided with a Phallosan Forte training app that has all instructions on how to use it. The Phallosan Forte penis extender is also very lightweight which contributes more to its main goal of comfort and safety.

3. SizeGenetics

The SizeGenetics medical device has been licensed by the FDA and aims at increasing the size of the penis and enhancing your sexual performance. The product can be used for various purposes including the addition of penis inches, correcting penile curvatures, and enhancing better erections. The components used in the manufacture of the device are top-quality and medical-grade which classifies the device as a Medical Type 1. Additionally, many surgeons who deal with penis enlargement have approved this product.

The device works naturally by utilizing its simple and lightweight design to offer visible results for your penis. It exerts a firmer tension to the penis than any other product while still offering the same comfort and security through its different padding options that are interchangeable. It uses the traction method when enlarging your shaft and its firmer tension helps in stretching the penis tissue. The SizeGenetics doesn’t have a fixed treatment pattern which means you can use the devices regularly and increase their tension to meet your demands.

Using the SizeGenetics extender for a considerable period has a lot of benefits which include an increase in size and girth of the benefits. It also boosts the flow of blood to your penis leading to stronger erections. Lastly, it helps in straightening curved and deformed penises. This penis extender’s results are permanent which offers a great solution to most penile issues.

The results that penis extenders give vary from one individual to the other due to different factors. However, the results they give assist in building the size and confidence of individuals while having no adverse effects. There are several factors that one should keep in mind when looking for a penis extender and the most important ones are your comfort and safety.